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Recognized by TIME Magazine and the White House initiative United We Serve, Summer Advantage USA is impacting student and school district performance. In addition to the gains made during the summer program, state test scores improve for our scholars as well. State test scores for third-graders in Indiana increased nearly 16 points in language arts and 12 points in math. Superintendent of Decatur Township, Don Stinson, noted “Those are real numbers and Summer Advantage is a huge part of that improvement.”

Every summer we provide thousands of scholars in elementary and middle school with research-based learning programs focused on academic gains.

MISSION: To harness the power of summer learning to raise the educational achievement of all students.

VISION: One day all children will have equal access to well-rounded, high-quality summer learning experiences which help them achieve mastery in core subjects, stimulate their dreams and aspirations for the future, and help them develop as scholars, citizens, and leaders.

THE POWER OF SUMMER LEARNING: We believe that if we provide rigorous academic programming and an array of enrichment activities during the summer months of the primary and middle school years, then children will show significant academic gains in reading and math, improve their self-esteem, and aspire to be leaders in their families, communities, nation, and world.

Watch how Summer Advantage, in partnership with the Central Indiana Community Foundation and Arts for Learning, is inspiring our children to reach their full potential in the “Inspiring Scholars Program:”

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