About Summer Advantage USA

Students at Summer Advantage program

Our Model

Summer Advantage USA partners with schools and school districts to provide scientifically proven, cost-efficient summer learning programs with the following core elements:

  • Maximizing Learning Time: Program typically operates 6.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 5 weeks, with programs varying in length across communities.
  • Outstanding Instruction and Mentorship: Classes led by highly qualified certified teachers and support staff
  • Parental Involvement: Parent/teacher meetings, workshops, and involvement in field trips and other activities.
  • Skill-based Curricula: Research-based, culturally sensitive curricula are aligned with state and national learning standards.
  • Fun Activities: Enrichment activities include art, music, drama, gym, field trips, and service projects.
  • Rigorous Evaluation: Standardized pre-and post-tests.

Our Mission

To harness the power of summer learning to raise the educational achievement of all students.

Students who attend Summer Advantage
Summer Advantage program

Our Vision

One day all children will have equal access to well-rounded, high-quality summer learning experiences which help them achieve mastery in core subjects, stimulate their dreams and aspirations for the future, and help them develop as scholars, citizens, and leaders.

Illinois Team Member

The Summer Advantage program is such a necessary staple in improving summer slide

Colorado School Leader

Students who attend Summer Advantage maintain their reading and math skills throughout the summer without the traditional "summer slide". They start school ready to continue to learn and grow.

Indiana Team Member

The tools Summer Advantage provides us the opportunity to reach scholars at all levels.