Bridging the Achievement Gap: Enrollment Summer Advantage 2023 is Now Open

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – Across the country, seats are opening up for children in grades kindergarten through 8th grade to enroll in the nationally recognized free summer learning program, Summer Advantage USA (SA). The free program, hosted in Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Washington D.C, and virtually, is a great way to keep children learning over the summer, prevent summer learning loss, and help students catch up from COVID learning loss.

​“At Summer Advantage, we support every scholar in having fun, staying active, engaged, and learning over the summer,” said Founder & CEO Earl Martin Phalen. “It is our mission to provide our scholars with a safe, memorable, and high-quality learning experience. We work to support their mastery in core subjects and stimulate their dreams and aspirations for the future.”

​SA is a learning program that offers research-based academic instruction, a wide variety of hands-on enrichment classes, field trips, community service initiatives, motivational speakers, and the arts.

Studies show that the math skills of nearly all students dip during the summer. However, children’s reading and language skills in affluent, higher-income communities often continue to grow over the summer. In contrast, children’s literacy skills in underserved communities tend to decline. The achievement gap between these students widens every summer and has a substantial cumulative effect until Summer Advantage USA. SA works to lessen that gap.

​The program partners with school districts and philanthropic partners in local communities to provide students with a safe and fun learning environment.

CLICK HERE for this year’s program dates and locations!

​Seats are limited. Parents should visit [] to find their nearest location and apply.


​*About *[Summer Advantage USA]: Summer Advantage USA partners with schools and school districts to provide scientifically proven, cost-efficient summer learning programs with maximized learning time, outstanding instruction and mentorship, parental involvement, skill-based curricula, rigorous evaluation, and fun enrichment activities. Summer Advantage currently serves children in Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Washington D.C., and Virtually.